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We are passionate about sharing the amazing benefits Sign Language can have when used consistently between a parent and a child.

The early years of a child’s life are extremely important, as their brains develop at a very rapid pace.

Research has shown that signing can boost your child’s development by:

  • Allowing babies to communicate long before they can speak (as early as 5 months)
  • Reducing frustration and tantrums
  • Enhancing language and cognitive development (increases IQ scores)
  • Promoting parent/child bonding
  • Helping preschoolers build vocabulary and early literacy skills

The use of Sign Language has also been shown to benefit children with special needs.

Specific language impairments:

  • Children with Down Syndrome
  • Children on the Autism Spectrum
  • Children with Dyslexia

The use of Sign Language also benefits children learning additional (spoken) languages.

A study by Laura Felzer showed that signing helped a group of Kindergarteners who were English language learners, read at or above grade level by the time they were in First grade.

“Statistics prove that if a child is exposed to multiple languages when they are young, they have a much easier time learning them. They also have more of an aptitude for learning languages later in life because they have ‘pre-wired their brain for it!’ So, what children learn, and how they learn at this age really affects their life-long learning.” 

-Launa C. from West Jordan, UT

Baby Signing Time! ®
ages 0-3

Early Communication System

Your child's first 100 words in signs, songs, and stories.

These baby sign language DVDs combine charming animation, songs, and real signing babies to demonstrate the ASL signs so that learning to sign will be easy and fun.

Signing Time! ®
ages 1-8

Early Learning System

Signing Time DVDs are award-winning, high quality programs designed specifically to teach young children commonly used signs in American Sign Language.

The entire Signing Time DVD collection includes more than 26 educational DVDs for children where signs are taught through an entertaining and completely child-friendly format. Signed words are spoken, spelled out, illustrated, repeated and reinforced through song giving children a multi-sensory approach to learning!


Potty training made fun and easy!

Potty Time is a playful and positive approach to potty training.

With 9 original songs and over 25 signs taught, this DVD will teach & inspire your child to use the potty through music, movement & fun! It is a perfect partner in potty training, working with any potty training method you choose.

Rachel & the Treeschoolers
ages 3-5


Send your child to preschool with Emmy-nominated host Rachel Coleman and her TreeSchooler friends.

Based on a comprehensive curriculum, TreeSchoolers videos engage children in learning through music, movement and fun! Charming characters like Abacus Finch, Isaac Newt, Chroma Chameleon and others will help your child learn important preschool concepts and character-building values.


“Our son Max began his sign language class at 9 months old and we knew right away we had made the right decision. Max couldn’t take his eyes off everyone signing. Our instructor helped us learn the signs most used in his daily routines and Max picked those up very quickly, especially with the easy to remember songs. Now that Max is approaching the terrible twos, baby signing has helped us to better communicate Max’s wants and needs, avoiding unnecessary stress and tantrums while he perfects his speech. We highly recommend baby sign language, and Nuts For Signs makes the whole process easy and comfortable!"

“We absolutely love the baby signing class given by Nuts For Signs. Our two-year-old twin daughters have learned so much from this class. Before we took the class, they could only sign eat and drink. Now they are signing shoes, socks, hat, coat, dog, cat, daddy, mommy, baby, car, boat, etc. They are not only signing but they are verbalizing the words, too. It has helped with their speech so much. We are so grateful for finding this wonderful class!!” 

“My baby took two sessions of baby signing. She is only 15 months and has a vocabulary of over 50 words. She signs many words regularly and today made her own three word sentence. The class was very fun and I was able to bring my 7 year old to a class on her day off. She loved it.”

“I really enjoy the Sing, Sign & Play class with Nuts For Signs. It’s more than a sign language class; it’s an opportunity to bond with my child while enjoying a multitude of activities. Our instructor was a really great teacher, keeping each class fun and exciting each week. The worse part about the program is that there are only two 8-week sessions - I wish there were more!”

 “My girls have been taking classes with Nuts For Signs for barely a summer now and I have been thrilled with our experience and results.

Our weekly classes are full of excitement and tons of learning. They are really signing! My 1.5 year old passes a flower or a bird on the street and signs them. She and her older sister sing the songs and sign for themselves and me all the time. I am also noticing that their verbal vocabulary has grown much.  

I was particularly comfortable with Nuts For Signs’ flexibility when it came to missed classes. We take lots of mommy and me classes and it's always nice to know that when my child gets sick or something else comes up we don't have to stress about missing class, we can always make up the class another time. Not everyone is as flexible but this really makes a difference and is a big part of why I'm going to reregister this fall.”